Living and holding shop on Bitcoin is made easy with Kumuly Pocket

Integrate Bitcoin in your daily life and business

Transfering sats is as easy and fast as sending a message

Contacts list

Simplify your transactions by adding contacts to your wallet. No more hassles of asking or passing Bitcoin invoices around to send or receive funds.

Request & pay

Request your contacts to pay you and pay their requests instantly, all through the contacts list.

Unlock fantastic promos and deals using your sats!

In Kumuly Pocket you'll find a diverse range of available promotions, including electronics, food, travel, clothing and more.

Just the promos you're into

Find great promos filtered by your preferences, including distance, categories, brands, price and more. Get exactly what you're looking for, every time.

Enjoy a variety of services and utilities to spend sats.

Personalize your app with the services you most frequently spend bitcoin on. Including entertainment, transportation, subscriptions, deals, bill payments and more.

Discover Bitcoin-accepting merchants

When you spend sats in Kumuly Pocket you contribute to the Bitcoin circular economy and automatically help to keep BTC Map populated for your fellow Bitcoiners.



Keep control of your funds and data. Your sats are really yours and we don't collect nor sell your data.

Instant Payments

Instant Payments

A seamless Bitcoin and Lightning Network experience lets you enjoy instant payments and optimise fees.

Free Open Source

Free Open Source

Our code is free and open source so more people can benefit from it without needing us or our permission.

Service Providers

Service Providers

Use LSP's to make your life easier or connect and manage everything yourself. The choice is yours.

Interested in testing it out?

Follow us on our mission to empower everyday living on Bitcoin, making it accessible, convenient, and integrated into daily life. Stay tuned for updates!